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Our Story

From humble beginnings to impactful success, discover the inspiring journey of Braata Productions and its dedication to Caribbean arts and culture

Since 2009, Braata has evolved into a dynamic force, showcasing Caribbean arts, nurturing talents, and engaging communities.

With a mission to give  immigrants’ voices an outlet for creative expression, Braata’s principal activities include theatre, music, folk arts, education, and community outreach. Braata Productions has become one of the leading performing arts companies in New York City.


Braata Productions was founded by Actor/Singer Andrew Clarke in 2009 with the intention of bringing Caribbean culture to a wider audience. Braata aimed to foster a greater appreciation for Caribbean culture & heritage amongst Caribbeans and non-Caribbeans alike by engaging community members in the New York Tri-state area and beyond. 


With the focus initially on theatre, the Braata Folk Singers were added to the company’s program arms shortly after. The ensemble made its season debut and would soon take on its first overseas engagement in Canada. This period saw production of staged readings that were a mix of new writers and established playwrights, collaborating with Banana Boat Productions and Nanadowa Productions. During this time, the inaugural Ole Time Grand Market made its debut. 


The Braata Theatre Workshop continued to showcase productions, touring Trinidad & Tobago and Nevis. The acclaimed Braata Folk Singers up to this time held six concert seasons aa well as earning awards at the World Choir Games. The organization soon launched education initiatives in after schools and senior centers, while the Bankra Caribbean Folk Festival became a vibrant addition to annual programming.

Engagements expanded beyond the 5 boroughs to Connecticut, Rochester, Boston and Atlanta. The company received recognition through citations, proclamations, and 3 AUDELCO Awards nominations.


During the global pandemic, Braata Productions successfully transitioned all its programming online. It was during these challenging times that the digital stage was born, allowing Braata to continue sharing Caribbean arts and culture with global audiences in new and innovative ways. Added to this arsenal of online programming was the brand new radio drama series which was a fitting addition to the company offerings in a time when remote programming was the order of the day and audiences yearned for something new and exciting. 


Braata remains dedicated to entertaining and educating our patrons, amplifying diverse voices, and authentically representing Caribbean culture. We prioritize cultivating and re-telling Caribbean stories while embracing digital stage productions alongside our main stage productions and community events.

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350 Artists

Braata Productions has supported and nurtured over 350 artists, directors, designers, technicians, and young talent, showcasing their commitment to the performing arts community.

6 Seasons

The Braata Folk Singers, with 6 seasons and awards at World Choir Games, exemplify exceptional musical talent and industry recognition.

200 NYC students

Braata's School Matinee Series offers 200 NYC students free performances and discussions, exemplifying their commitment to accessible arts education and inspiring future performers.


Help us sustain the Caribbean arts community by making a meaningful contribution. Your donation enables us to continue showcasing talented artists, promoting cultural appreciation, and empowering the next generation of performers. Join us in preserving our artistic heritage.

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