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We strive to be NYC's premier Caribbean cultural organization, offering productions and programs that enhance our city's quality of life

About Us

Embracing the Jamaican essence of "more," we empower immigrant voices through theater, music, and folk arts.

At Braata, we are dedicated to showcasing the spirit and rich cultural heritage of the Caribbean through captivating performances that celebrate diversity, creativity, and passion. We extend our impact beyond NYC to Connecticut, Rochester, Boston, and more.


Elevating Caribbean artistry, showcasing remarkable talents, and fostering appreciation for diverse art forms. Through entertainment and education, we celebrate the richness of Caribbean culture, giving voice to dynamic experiences, performers, writers, and directors with creative authenticity.


Founded in 2009, we bring Caribbean folk culture, music, stories, and theater to the US. With successful projects, including The Braata Folk Singers, Braata Education & Outreach, and regional tours, we continue to showcase new talent and honor established playwrights within the Diaspora.


Our passionate team at Braata Productions is composed of dedicated professionals in theater, music, education, and community outreach, we work together to bring Caribbean arts and culture to life, fostering creativity and connecting with diverse communities.

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