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Experience Caribbean Culture with Braata

Welcome to our vibrant corner of the world, where the Caribbean's rich cultural heritage comes alive through the captivating power of performance arts.


Empowering Caribbean artists to showcase their remarkable talents and elevate Caribbean culture, music, stories, and theater. Through entertainment and education, we amplify dynamic experiences, giving voice to performers, writers, and directors while celebrating the rich authenticity of Caribbean island culture.

Explore the rich cultural heritage of the Caribbean through interactive and enriching educational experiences.

Educational Programming

Immerse yourself in the world of Caribbean theatre, where stories come alive on stage, reflecting the vibrant tapestry of our culture.


Spreading Caribbean arts beyond the stage, our community outreach initiatives foster inclusivity and cultural appreciation.

Community Outreach

Experience Caribbean folk performances, where traditions and tales are brought to life through music, movement, and storytelling.

Musical Performance


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350 Artists

Braata Productions has supported and nurtured over 350 artists, directors, designers, technicians, and young talent, showcasing their commitment to the performing arts community.

6 Seasons

The Braata Folk Singers, with 6 seasons and awards at World Choir Games, exemplify exceptional musical talent and industry recognition.

200 NYC students

Braata's School Matinee Series offers 200 NYC students free performances and discussions, exemplifying their commitment to accessible arts education and inspiring future performers.


Help us sustain the Caribbean arts community by making a meaningful contribution. Your donation enables us to continue showcasing talented artists, promoting cultural appreciation, and empowering the next generation of performers. Join us in preserving our artistic heritage.


Caribites 2024

June 30, 2024

Free and open to the public! Savor the best eats from Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and Haiti. Enjoy lively music, captivating performances, and fun activities for all age ranges!

Bankra 2024 Queens

August 10, 2024

11th Annual Caribbean Culture Festival. This year will focus on Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and Haiti. Featuring vendors, cultural performances, and a concert, Bankra is a full day of cultural discovery.


Be the first to know about our performances, educational programs, community outreach initiatives, and much more. Stay connected with us and join our community.

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