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Fostering Change within Our Community



Reinforcing our Community

This is where the talent and resources of both the theatre workshop and the folk singers are combined with a strong teaching component to address issues of cultural preservation, social justice, and social change tailored to the needs of the varied communities within the Caribbean Diaspora.

The key aspect of these ventures will be collaboration. Whether with medical centers, civic organizations, schools, or community centers, Braata will work to further the educational and social well being of the communities it serves while addressing issues of cultural preservation, social justice, and social change. Braata offers a wide range of community development programs.


From theatre workshops on sexual health and responsibility in a community center or church hall, to an in-school drama residency focusing on bullying to after-school performing arts programs or music workshops, Braata employs the services of trained teaching artists to execute applied arts programs guided by curricula to fully engage participants in more life-affirming options for the betterment of their immediate environments.


Our Caribbean people have a unique voice and play an integral part in the makeup of United States communities yet are often not at the center of commercial activities or media. Thus, messages are either lost on them or never heard. Through educational programming, Braata aims to minimize this predicament and create waves of improvement.



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