Effective September 2, 2021

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that all indoor arts and entertainment venues must adhere to a policy of 100% vaccination against COVID-19 for all visitors and staff effective August 16th, 2021, with updates provided on August 25th, 2021.  This policy supersedes all other mandates around COVID protocols, and allows (as per CDC guidance from April 2021) for fully vaccinated audiences to forego masking and social distancing requirements.  Venues have the ability to add additional restrictions on visitation or staff as they see fit.  Braata Productions' policy will adhere closely to the New York City mandate, but we will maintain some lower capacity limits for the remainder of 2021.  Our policy will be, until further notice:

  1. All staff, audience members, and visitors (with some exceptions noted below) to Braata Productions must show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 upon entry.  For visitors to public events, Braata Productions will set up a check-in desk at the front entrance for the purposes of checking proof of vaccination, plus identification bearing the same identifying information as the proof of vaccination. 

    • Acceptable documentation of vaccination status include:

      • NYS Excelsior Pass

      • NYC COVID Safe App

      • Physical CDC Vaccination Card

      • Physical NYC Vaccination Record

      • Physical proof of overseas vaccination

    • Staff should send proof via email to

    • A single shot of a two-dose vaccine is considered acceptable for visitors

    • Boosters are not mandated

  2. Staff, visitors and audience members must continue to be fully masked regardless of vaccination status, and should also continue to practice social distancing when possible.  It is highly recommended that all staff continue to follow CDC-recommended hygiene practices around hand-washing and sanitization.

  3. The following are exemptions to the vaccine mandate.  Any individual subject to an exemption must show proof of a negative COVID-19 test result in order to gain entry to Braata Productions activities, and must keep their mask on for the duration of their stay and continue to practice social distancing. 

    • Children under 12, for whom a vaccine is not currently available, may continue to attend Braata Productions events, but must be fully masked for the duration of their visit and be kept socially distanced from non-family members.

    • Currently, independent contractors and vendors are not subject to the vaccine mandate.  Such individuals must be fully masked and practice social distancing for the duration of their stay.  This includes any performers who are unvaccinated.

    • Teaching Artists, whether independent contractors or on payroll, must show proof of vaccination in order to work in NYC Schools.

  4. Until further notice, Braata Productions will maintain a 50% capacity limit for Braata-produced public events.

  5. Vaccinated staff will no longer be subject to screening or required to sign the log book.

  6. Delivery people or short-term vendors do not need to show proof of vaccination for entry, but must remain fully masked for the duration of their stay.

  7. Braata Productions will continue to maintain CDC-recommended cleaning protocols for the building following all public and rental events.

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