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About the Series:

Braata Productions team of collaborating research-writers have used true stories as the catalyst for an original series of plays: “Caribbean in Queens: a Borough, a People, a Vibe, in a Time of COVID 19.” The characters and situations we bring to life in each radio play will focus on a different Caribbean-American household, how they are threaded together by living in a 21st America. How people play and work, cook and clean, assimilate or not, raise children, practice religious beliefs, rituals and rites: marriage and intimacy, birth and death. How people struggle, fight, and reconcile, are all here in these five plays for audiences to experience.


The podcast was supported in part by the Venturous Theater Fund of the Tides Foundation. Any findings, opinions, or conclusions contained herein are not necessarily those of the funders. Support this podcast:


Show #1

Monday February 15: Interview with Nelson Diaz-Marcano will be aired kicking off the series!

Wednesday February 17: 1st Episode of "Flor" by Nelson Diaz-Marcano and subsequent Wednesdays


In a time where Social Media and Zoom are the only thing keeping us connected, Flor Aponte has decided she will bloom again. How? Pues, the only way a Boricua knows how, pa'lante. Flor is an audio diary of a Puerto Rican family's hustle as they navigate a doomed world and find ways to become the better out of it.



Broadcast Date: February 17th 2021

Play Title by “Flor”  

Directed by Gineiris Garcia 

Inspired by Interviews with Rosa Mendez 

Voice Actors:

FLOR: Jessica Carmona

VALENTINA: Jennica Carmona

DJ/CHEO: Leonardo Gonzalez Dominguez

HECTOR: Cedric Leiba Jr. 

TITO/ROB: Rigoberto Vindiola 



Assistants: Leonardo Gonzalez Dominguez and Rigoberto Vindiola 

Episode 1: Meeting Flor & her family

As she starts to enjoy life again, the whole world shuts down, leaving Flor without her groove back, and worse, without her Karaoke. What does a recently retired Puerto Rican woman do when everything seems to keep changing on her?



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