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Karl O'Brian Williams, an award-winning actor, playwright, and educator, is deeply involved in arts education and theatre for social justice. His plays, including "The Black That I Am" and "Not About Eve," have garnered recognition in Jamaica. Williams has directed productions in both community and commercial theatre, and his passion for theatre and education extends to students of all ages and abilities. With teaching experience at various institutions, including the Edna Manley College in Jamaica and the Borough of Manhattan Community College in New York, he also works with nonprofit organizations such as Wingspan Arts and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

Williams has an extensive acting career, performing on stages in the Caribbean, New York, Toronto, and London. He has also directed acclaimed works for festivals and productions, addressing topics such as HIV/AIDS education and awareness. Through his company, MADKOW Productions, he supports new voices in playwriting, acting, and directing, both commercially and through youth programs. Currently, he coordinates an after-school arts program for children and has received prestigious awards for his artistic contributions. Karl is excited to be part of the creative process with the Caribbean Diaspora through Braata Productions.

Karl O'Brian Williams



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