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The Bankra Caribbean Culture Festival features traditional folk forms and experiences from different Caribbean territories. Inherited from the Twi language of  Ghana (bonkara), a bankra is a large, woven basket made of indigenous materials in the islands of the Caribbean and is often carried or used as a display for a wide variety of produce, usually colorful and tantalizing to the eyes. This is exactly what this festival replicates: the largesse beauty of the folk cultural represented from each island. 

There are three major components to the festival:

1) The Stalls/Island
2) The Cultural Performances
3) Cultural Pop Up Display

These three components set the Bankra Caribbean Culture Festival apart from other Caribbean festivals featuring popular recording artists. This event is dedicated to Folk forms and Folk culture. It provides nostalgia for those who grew up with it, learning opportunities for others who had no knowledge of it, and helps reestablish the importance and relevance of Folk cultural as a viable, vibrant contributor to the Caribbean brand. 

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